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Celebrating New Years Aspen Style | Miller Sports Aspen Ski Shop

As we are just days away from the New Year, we try to reflect on our first year of business. It has been an incredible first year, making our mark as Aspen’s newest and best ski shop. Its not an easy thing, as Aspen is home to some of the worlds best ski shops.  We are very grateful to the local community and visitors alike for all the support through our first year, and look forward to many more in the amazing town.

It’s been a snowy and cheer filled Christmas time here in Aspen, Co. For the past two weeks the four mountains of Aspen-Snowmass have received over 2ft of snow. It has snowed in one form or another every single day for two weeks straight. This has been a gift from the sky, as everyone loves a white Christmas. Town has been packed with tourists and locals alike, with everyone enjoying the epic conditions and tranquil environment of the town of Aspen. Ski rentals have been at an all-time high, with many people taking out fat skis to fully enjoy the deep snow. The shop favorite has been the Rossignol Soul 7. For men and women alike, the Soul 7 is that perfect all mountain ski that’s wide enough to float on powder, while having the sidecut and camber to carve a turn while coming down Spar Gulch. Between our two stores, Miller Sports and Hamilton Sports, it has been difficult to keep a Soul 7 available for people to try. The moment a ski comes back, it goes right back out on a demo.

Another product pick has been heated gloves and mittens by Hestra and Zanier. After Christmas the temperature both in town and on the mountain has dropped significantly. Lows in the single digits, and icy cold mornings have made people take the plunge into the heated glove world. It’s one of those products your not sure if you need, not sure if its necessary, but once you put them on and give them a go you can’t imagine life in the mountains without them. Zanier is a new brand for us, coming from the Austrian Alps. The Aviator GTX  glove and Hot GTX mitten are both constructed from the very best materials, including Gore-tex and leather, along with one of the longest-lasting batteries on the market. The glove has been a favorite among men, while the mitten tends to be favored by women.  Our other heated glove and mitten brand is Hestra, with the Powerheater series. An industry favorite, the Powerheater incorporates a low profile design with excellent battery life and heating element.

People are excited to celebrate 2014 AND bring in 2015 in Aspen. Visitors from all over the world converge to one of the greatest places on earth, in hopes to ski and snowboard everyday ad party hard every night.  While lift lines at Aspen continue to be a minute long affair thanks to our 4 ski mountains, restaurants and clubs are packed to the brim.  This is a special place, this town of ours, and we at Miller Sports feel fortunate to be a part it.

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