Douchebags Ski Bags and Travel Bags

douchebags ski bagsSometimes in life being brazen pays off, as is the case in the name choice of what is now the most popular ski and travel bag collection being made, Douchebags. Born from the love of sport and travel these high quality designer bags allow you to transport yourself on your next adventure with everything you need in style.

From the birth of their first ski bag in 2012, when the world’s lightest, wheeled, length adjustable ski bag hit the market, the details that set Douchebags apart have been immediately clear. Since then this amazing European company has continued to stay on the cutting edge for both function and design allowing its customers to create better journeys through smarter travel gear.

Douchebags Double SKi Camo 2.0When seasoned globe trotters, Truls Brataas a Norwegian product designer and Jon Olsson a Swedish freeskiing legend got together and started talking about luggage problems when traveling with ski gear, they realized they could make a difference. The bulky and heavy bags that were difficult to carry and adding to the expensive overweight charges could be improved upon with a thoughtful intelligent design. The real genesis of the entire Douchebags travel collection was truly born from a love of skiing and has evolved to add convenience and style to all things adventure travel. These guys new they were making breakthroughs in travel and ski bags, but when they received a nomination as a finalist for Innovation of the Year at ISPO, the world’s largest sporting goods trade show held in Germany, their beliefs was confirmed.

Starting with their now legendary ski bag, the team partnered with The Norwegian University of Science and Technology to develop patented technology that has grown into everything you need for travel.

The Douchebags award winning snow roller combines a length adjustable bag for different skis, with lightweight construction on wheels to come up with the last ski bag you will ever buy. This bag provides reliable protection for your skis or snowboard in a bag that employs a carrying system that makes it easy to carry or wheel. The team at DB didn’t just consult athletes who use this type of products but luggage handlers and train conductors who really put the construction to the test. Resulting in a design that works for both the traveler and the professionals who help you get where you want to go. Inspired by the human anatomy the patented Rib Cage construction made of lightweight ABS ribs is shaped in a three stage foldable structure that keep the bag light while fully protecting your skis. This design also allows the bag while not in use to while not in use to easily roll up into a handy-sized portable unit, makind it the most storage efficient ski bag made.

Douchebag Hugger Ski Boot BagPair this ski bag with the DB Hugger 30L ski boot bag and you are ready to go anywhere anytime. A durable bag that can double as a backpack, made even more user friendly with the laptop sleeve. Along with carrying your boots to the mountain the Hugger can also hold your gloves, goggles and even a helmet if you pack carefully, letting you carry all the ski essentials in one sleek bag. We have the Hugger 30L available in the Limited Edition Black Camo, the Limited Edition Black/Red and the newly released Jay Alvarrez collection.

Another convenience innovation on the DB travel bags is the patented hook-up system, by lifting weight off your shoulders and placing it over the wheels DB makes long treks across airport parking lots or from the bus stop to your hotel much easier. With quick attachment G-buckles on their backpacks you can easily connect to the ski bags and all their other wheeled luggage like the 60L Little Bastard.

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