Marker Ski Bindings

Downhill skiing as we know it today was still very much in its infancy some 50 years ago, when sports journalist and ski instructor Hannes Marker, concerned by injuries on the slopes of the Bavarian Alps, resolved to lessen the sport’s inherent risks. And in so doing, he founded the company MARKER. Marker found that inadequately responsive skiing equipment represented the single biggest cause of injuries. His perfectionist, problem-solving approach and commitment to arduous work paid off, allowing skiers the precision and control they enjoy today.

Marker has continued to push the development of ski bindings ever since and now offers a complete line of bindings for Ski Touring, Alpine Performance, Race and Juniors. Creating dedicated binding for each facet of skiing has allowed them to enhance the qualities that each mode requires.

The Duke is a local Aspen favorite and features Marker’s new Extended Power Frame chassis, 28% wider than the original. For the big mountain freeskier who wants an easy climbing function combined with the ultimate in security and performance for coming down the mountain. Another popular Marker binding is the Baron, which is suited for lighter big mountain skiers who want the performance of the triple-pivot toe and inter-pivot heel.

Miller Sports Aspen wants only the best products available for their customers and we feel that Marker bindings are the perfect compliment for our ski rental fleet. With professional ski athletes like Julie Mancuso depending and performing on this binding you know it has to be good!