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Skiing State of Mind | Miller Sports Aspen Ski Shop


There is something unique about skiing that keeps us coming back year after year, prompts us to travel to distant locales in search of new terrain or different cultures or pristine conditions, compels some to drop everything and embrace the “ski bum” label, and incites us to daydream during off-season months about memorable days gone by and epic days to come. It is a combination of the spectacular panoramic views that unfurl from the summits of ski hills, the fresh air that clears the mind, the freedom to explore new trails and areas, and much more. Skiing is a very special lifestyle that we are so fortunate to partake in.

Interestingly, skiing is not inherently easy. It takes time to master the many nuances of arcing turns on snow. It’s a labor of love to learn how to ski moguls properly. There’s a fair amount of shivering, suffering, and uncomfortable moments during a day on the resort because of frigid temperatures, blustering winds, or rigid ski boots. At times it seems as though we are not supposed to be out there, when snow is blowing with a vengeance, temperatures are plummeting, visibility is nearly nonexistent. However, those are the times when we—the collective tribe of skiers—feel most lucky. To be able to experience nature, mountains, and winter is something to treasure. Besides, those seemingly difficult conditions make for the absolute best days!

There are a myriad of reasons why skiing consumes us. The sensation of effortlessly drawing turns in knee-deep powder. Rounding high-speed turns down a steep, meticulously groomed run. Pioneering a new line amidst tight trees, feeling total freedom to explore and be inquisitive in the mountains. Or, simply sharing your passion with your family and loved ones, spending time on the chairlift to talk with your children, watching your family follow you down a groomer like ducklings, and making memories that will be cherished forever.

Every single person that loves to ski can attest to the skiing state of mind. Skiing puts us in the moment unlike anything else. Mundane worries disappear when you’re soaking in the views, feeling the air rush by, and lacing turns down the mountain. The act of pointing ’em downhill and letting ’em run is rewarding, centering, and inexplicably fun. So, get yourself to Aspen and enjoy it with us.