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It Snowing in Aspen

Its starting to get cold in Aspen. Although crisp blue bird sunny days have been the norm the past couple weeks, lows in the 20’s have been a common occurrence. As the seasons change in Aspen, the local vibe becomes one of anticipation and excitement. Everyone know that winter is just around the corner, which means one thing…SKIING!! People in this town live and breath skiing, it’s a way of life unsurpassed by anything we know of.


For Miller Sports Aspen, its more than a way of life, it’s a passion. We make it our business to bring in only the very best apparel and equipment the ski industry has to offer. In these off-season weeks, locals and second-home owners alike come in to check out the new gear. What’s the newest ski, what’s the newest jacket color, and most importantly can I get it before anyone else does. It’s these customers that are the most diehard skiers, the ones that need to get new stuff the day it hits the shelves. It’s some sort of right of passage into the new season of skiing. Knowing you’ve picked up that fresh pair of Rossignol HERO LT skis, and they are mounted and ready to go. You might even drive over to Loveland for some early season turns. The new ski magazines come out in august, giving people enough time to check out the new gear, see what the ski testers have to say, then head into their local shop and check them out. Some pull the trigger and just buy the ski right away, other are a bit more patient, and wait to demo it on a proper snow day. For ski apparel there is now waiting. Miller Sports biggest brand, Toni Sailer, arrived in late august, and their were several customers waiting while we unpacked the new digs. The ladies Ginger Jacket has been flying off the racks, as well as the classic Sestriere stretch pant which is a ladies favorite.


As the leaves start to fall, and we get early snow up high on the peaks of the Elk Mountains, the stoke around town is almost palpable. Just a few days ago, word came down through the ski channel of gossip that several die-hards had skied a foot of fresh powder up on Independence Pass. Pictures on facebook were posted that night, with stories of epic face shots and glorious October powder turns. The next day people came in the shop saying ‘did you hear some guys skied the pass, and it was full on powder conditions!’. Within hours it had gone from a 1foot powder run to a 3ft powder run. But hey if you can’t exaggerate the truth a little bit while talking up an epic ski day than what can you do right?!


Holiday bookings are already up in Aspen. People are planning the holiday travel early this year, in anticipation of another big snow year in Colorado. Aspen starts to come alive during thanksgiving, and while there may be a slight dip in the first couple weeks of December, come the 15th town starts to get very, very, full. People flock to this winter paradise year after year. The combination of epic ski terrain and fluffy Colorado powder, along with fancy restaurants, luxurious hotels and great people watching, Aspen is truly the most sought after destination resort in the world.

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