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Technical Features

YKK Zipper

Since its founding in 2004, Toni Sailer has been devoted to bringing together functionality and fashion, discovering and employing cutting edge technologies and using only luxury fabrics and materials to bring their ideas to life.

Inspired by the roots of ski fashion, Toni Sailer influenced generations with his athletic notability and his timeless yet fashion-forward aesthetic. Interpreting his legacy through their clothing lines, they bring a look to the table as modern as it is classic. 


4-Way Stretch

technical diagram of 4 way stretch technologyToni Sailer employs some of the highest-end technological advancements within the ski industry. Their jackets are made with their patented 4-way stretch material, offering peak performance and quality. This material offers heat and moisture management. It is comfortable and resilient and has an elegant textured surface. The weaving process makes the thread highly elastic and stretchable in 4 directions. It is also incredibly water-resistant. 

Heat & Insulation

Primaloft: Primaloft is a brand of synthetic microfiber insulation material initially developed for the US military in the ‘80s. Down can be useful but at times it can be inconvenient. It is heavy and not water-resistant. Primaloft resolves this issue by using the highest quality cashmere fleece from Italy and also adding Technostretch to provide high mobility to the fabric. On top of all this, they add Polygene to their products, a textile treatment designed to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

Goose Down: Toni Sailer also uses luxury goose down, giving their ski wear high heat retention while allowing it to remain lightweight.

Thermolite: Toni Sailer uses Thermolite, a synthetic fiber made of three channels of nanofiber and spun with thermosensitive fivers and hollow-core fibers resulting in feathery, comfortable insulation.


Dermizax is one of the most wind and waterproof membranes available today and is in most of their jackets in addition to an application of DWR (Durable Water Repellent) 


Sealed Seam Taping

diagram of tape-seal technology Most functional clothing presents a distinct challenge, as even the smallest stitched holes are large enough to allow moisture in. In order to prevent this, Toni Sailer seams are fully sealed using waterproof tape.



Toni Sailer uses only the highest quality zippers, including those from the trusted brands YKK RIRI, and Swarvoski. They integrate watertight laminated zips for improved ski performance. 


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