Bogner Skiwear – A Truly Iconic Brand Since 1932

Bogner Ski Fashion HistoryThe name Bogner is as synonymous with ski fashion as any in the industry. This is felt in the presence of its designs and the strength and power they carry. There is just something about a Bogner ski jacket that demands respect, maybe it is the design or perhaps the immediately obvious quality or it could be something about their apparel that somehow makes it clear that they have been a leader in the skiwear industry for decades.


The Leading Brand of Designer Ski Wear for Decades

Bogner has been involved in skiing since its inception in Germany in 1932. Their now legendary fame achieved its first major victory in the 1940s when Maria Bogner designed what was at the time the revolutionary “stretch ski pant”. These ski pants were the first to be made out of stretch material and with the use of stirrups. The identity of these pants with the brand was so strong that U.S. dictionaries called them “Bogners”. Maria was also responsible for the iconic brand symbol the “B zipper.” This branding piece represents quality and style to this day. These were some of the first indicators of what Bogner’s reputation would be built on, the symbiosis of sports and fashion.

History of Bogner Skiwear

The legacy of Bogner was carried on by Willy Bogner jr. After a career as a successful ski racer, Willy finds his next passion in ski filming and photography. Producing numerous Bogner campaigns and films over the years confirming his legendary status with his participation in four different James Bond movies.

 Willy became more involved in the design of the brand’s ski wear in the 1970s with the introduction of an innovative nylon material that he produced himself. The collection called “Formula W” captured the design aesthetic of the 70s perfectly and is still mimicked to this day. After several years of tutelage under the family’s guidance and with several successes on his own Willy Bogner takes over the company to guide it to what we know it to be today.

During its evolution, Bogner had evolved to skiwear for the highest end of the skiing clientele. In 1989 Willy Bogner premiered the brand “Fire + Ice” based on the successful film of the same name by Willy that became a worldwide classic in 1986. The Fire + Ice collection was created for a wider market in the ski industry and has achieved great success. Thanks largely in part to the use of technical fabrics in super cool designs that have given even more skiers access to the legendary Bogner quality.

While the Bogner quality and design aesthetic has never faltered, something few companies in any industry have maintained for nearly a century as Bogner has. What is even more impressive is their ability to stay current and classic. The relaunch of the classic Bogner jacket in a modern interpretation of the current zeitgeist has achieved even greater success than the original. While at the same time global superstar Taylor Swift graces the cover of Variety magazine in the ski catsuit.

Every year Bogner adorns our Aspen ski shop with elegance and tradition. This year the Evelia-D is one of our favorite ski jackets with a satin-finished pattern that will surely stand the test of time. The offset Vera would be at home in a classic film as on the ski slopes and for those looking to make a splash around town the Hedda combines multiple textures to create an identity of its own. When you take one look at the Farina everything said here about tradition and excellence will become immediately evident.

For men who want to embrace the classic side of skiwear styling, the Jerom will be the jacket of choice while the Luka will be the go-to for the skier looking to the future while wanting to experience the legendary Bogner quality.

If you have never had the pleasure of skiing in a Bogner jacket, pair of pants or ski sweater, treat yourself and feel the history of this iconic brand in every stitch.