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Miller Sports Aspen Ski Apparel Brands

Miller Sports located in the core of Aspen, Colorado and just steps from the Silver Queen Gondola is home to one of the finest collections of designer ski wear to be found anywhere in the world.

The Owners

Owned and operated by Bill Miller and Ted Davenport, two skiers who bring a passion for the industry and a wealth of experience in skiing and the ski industry. Both have skied and competed all over the U.S. and Europe as well as competed in various disciplines; Ted in Big Mountain Skiing and Freeride and Bill in Speed Skiing. This is Miller’s second ski boutique in Aspen, the first being owned by him and speed skiing world record holder Jeff Hamilton. Each year Miller and Davenport travel Europe to source the finest European ski brands available as well as attend the European ski industry show ISPO in Munich, the largest skiwear show in the world. Combined with relationships with brands from the U.S. that are major players in the skiwear industry and new and upcoming brands that are redefining skiwear trends allows us to curate a collection like no other to be found in the United States. The result is a store that offers you the most exclusive ski brands in the industry and that continues to seek out the next big brand to differentiate itself from the competition and provide our customers with exceptional choices.


Designer ski apparel trends in both the United States and Europe have been characterized by a blend of fashion-forward aesthetics and high-performance functionality. The current trend in ski apparel includes the use of trendy designs, unique color palettes, and chic details that make the garments suitable for on and off the slopes. Ski apparel from brands like Jet Set and Sportalm has often featured tailored and flattering fits. These brands prioritize designs that complement the wearer's body shape, providing an elegant and modern look without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement.


Brands like Toni Sailer and Fusalp have been at the forefront of incorporating advanced technical features into their ski apparel. This includes using high-performance materials for insulation, breathability, and waterproofing. The integration of cutting-edge technologies enhances the overall functionality of ski wear.


An emerging trend in designer ski apparel is a growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly materials. Some brands are incorporating recycled fabrics and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes into their collections to align with the broader global push for sustainable fashion.

The Brands

To learn more about these brands you can find links below with information on each of our partners. You will find information on their design philosophy, manufacturing techniques, technical applications, brand values and more. This information will provide you with what you need to know to make an educated decision about your next ski jacket or outerwear purchase. Following you will find links to internationally recognized legendary brands such as Toni Sailer and Bogner and newer boutique brands such as Crazy and Cordova.

Bogner Fire + Ice

Bogner Fire + Ice Men's

Bogner Fire + Ice Women's

Capranea Women's

Capranea Men's

Eisbär Ski Hats

Leki Ski Poles

Marker Ski Bindings

Peak Performance

Sweet Protection Ski Helmets

Toni Sailer History

Toni Sailer Technical Features

Toni Sailer Men's

Toni Sailer Women's

Elevenate Women's

Elevenate Men's

Jet Set Women's

Sportalm Women's

Sportalm Men's

Head Sportswear

Newland Men's

Newland Women's

We Norwegians Men's

We Norwegians Women's