Bogner Fire + Ice Women's Ski Wear

Bogner Fire + Ice Saelly Ski jacket

What is it about skiing more so than other sports that the look of what you wear is as important to the athlete as the performance? Maybe it is because of the beauty of the mountains, or maybe the striking visual of a skier charging down a steep slope inspires the athlete to compliment the beauty of the movement with their ski apparel, or maybe it is the ambiance of the charming mountain lodge, the fireplace, the view, the stone and wood. Or maybe it is all the creative things you can do with that many layers that allow you to express yourself as an individual on the mountain and even more so than in daily life. Whatever the inspiration fashion has been a part of skiing for as long as skiing has existed, and the legendary Bogner ski wear has been a part of that for almost a century. Now for the next generation of skiers they have released Bogner Fire and Ice, a sportier more price-conscious line with an aesthetic more identified with a younger audience.

Bogner Fire + Ice Nessa T Stretch Ski Pants

The Bogner Fire + Ice collection made their inaugural appearance in our Aspen ski shop here at Miller Sports in 2020 and are now a staple line and one of our most popular. We feel this compliments the other world-class lines of designer ski wear including Toni Sailer, Jet Set, Cordova, Sportalm and more. Each of these brands is unique and in so Fire + Ice brings something unique to the entirety of our little ski boutique. Their bold colors and original patterns set in ski jackets and pants that seem to have just the features you want and none of the ones you don’t, giving you a perfect balance of fashion and function.

Extra Warm This Ski Season

This year’s ski wear from Bogner has several options that are stuffed with 650 fill, this is a really ideal fill weight for mid-winter skiing, enough to keep you warm on the chairlift while not so much you can’t move freely when skiing. And while there is no doubt things are getting warmer winter still packs a punch, and if this year is anything like last year you will be glad you have something like the Bogner Fire + Ice Saelly ski jacket to keep you warm when it is dumping snow for days on end. In fact, last year was one of the best snow years of this century here in Aspen, Colorado and this year is calling for more of the same. So if you get the chance come ski our legendary mountains and stop into the ski shop and see some of this beautiful clothing for yourself!

Bogner is accredited with designing the first stretch pant and it became one of their most popular ski pants ever. This year the Bogner Fire and Ice Nessa stretch ski pant builds on that historic piece with a flattering European cut, some serious waterproofing and 4 way stretch so they perform as well as they look. Pair these hot Bogner ski pants with the Fire + Ice Janka ski coat for a more modern look that will set you apart with cutting edge style on the slopes this ski season.

Bogner Fire Ice Solange Ski Sweater

Style On & Off The Slopes

When it comes to mid-layer for ladies Bogner Fire + Ice collection has two of our favorites in the shop this year, the Estella is a wicking fleece that comes in two fresh colors with classic patterns that tie into the history of Bogner. While the Solange is a beautiful knit sweater made from a wool and cashmere blend that will server you as well at dinner as it does on the mountain, this is going to be your go to piece for your next ski vacation.

All the Bogner Fire + Ice ski jackets and pants go well together so mix and match as you please, and all are made with the legendary Bogner ski wear quality so if this is your first time with this brand you can rest assured you are getting the highest in not only fashion but quality and performance too.