Cordova – A Super Chic and Popular U.S. Based Ski Brand

Cordova ski suit

The identity of Cordova was born on the slopes of Sun Valley one snowy evening at the iconic Roundhouse Lodge during the wedding of founders Jane and Cody Seim. This was in 2014 making Cordova one of the youngest lines of ski wear that has achieved acclaim and a following in the hyper-competitive industry of ski fashion.

Born through a desire to design more imaginative ski suits and jackets that incorporate textures and prints with exquisite tailoring, what resulted was a style that is as free as it is creative.

Quality Designer Fashion for the Winter

While Cordova creates a full line of ski jackets, pants, and layers, their standout category has been ski suits. With a collection as diverse as the women they design for their tailored ski suits come in an unmatched variety of styles and colors. From retro-inspired suits with the use of Chevrons and striping to modern designs that redefine what a one-piece can be, there is sure to be a suit to match your style sensibility. Whether you are looking for the most form-fitting suit to accentuate your femininity or a quilted suit that makes a statement with its elegant design, Cordova has the suit you desire. The color-blocked suits are something we have never seen the like of before and are perfect for the skier who wants to express their creativity on the slopes.

Cordova on piece

Cordova prides itself in addressing the entire package when it comes to creating its ski wear. To them, this means putting the necessary effort into designing for every body shape and size and not just designing for the classic model fit and scaling from there. It means partnering with women-owned and family-owned factories that share their values. It means ensuring their manufacturers provide good working conditions, livable wages and the opportunity for upward mobility. Social responsibility is not just a label they attach to their brand it is at the core of everything they do and this has resulted in not just loyalty to the brand but a community around it from the creators and manufacturers to the retailers and the skiers.

Their efforts to produce their ski wear in a sustainable way are also seen in every aspect of their clothing. Cordova acknowledges the impact the fashion industry can have on the environment and is dedicated to protecting the slopes and mountain communities that are so dear to all of us. By using natural fibers in its knitwear, down that is responsibly sourced Cordova has been awarded the OEKO-TEX certification. This label is one of the best-known in the world for certifying that textiles are free from substances that are harmful to humans and the environment.

We look forward to seeing you in the ski shop as you experience one of Cordova’s jackets or ski suits. Be sure to check out their re-invention of the fanny pack as well as their extremely stylish ski beanies. This U.S. based brand checks all the boxes for the future of skiwear and our sport, stylish, sustainable, and socially responsible.