Eisbär Ski Hats

Luxury Winter Headwear by Eisbär

Eisbär Ski Hats

Eisbär ski hats may be the most recognizable of all the ski hats you see while visiting our ski town. If you are looking for a distinctly European hat while on your Aspen ski vacation be sure to stop into our ski shop and check out Eisbär. These hats have a combination of function and fashion that make Eisbär the most popular hats available today and now not only for skiing. They have been spotted sailing, on the rugby pitch and even surfing.

Eisbär hats are knitted with Marino sheep wool some of the finest wool available in the world. This produces soft and warm high-quality soft goods and sets these ski hats apart from their competitors. Marino wool is durable, holds its shape well for a long life, and the insulation is second to none.

Eisbar Knit Hats

Eisbär started as a small family business producing knitwear. The name Eisbär means ‘Polar bear” and has become synonymous now with quality ski accessories. For many years the Eisbär brand has been well-established on the continent and is one of the main sponsors of the Austrian national ski team. The factory is in the beautiful village of Feldkirchen close to the Danube, near Linz. All the production is in Austria using local staff in all the manufacturing processes right down to the final process of hand finishing detail.

With an understanding of the need to treat the earth kindly there has been a world of innovation from Eisbär. Their new focus is to “STRIVE” For a natural experience. For Eisbär to STRIVE means the use of purely natural materials for their ski hats that maximum functionality in conjunction with modern production processes in knitwear that are environmentally friendly. Eisbär is setting a benchmark and proving that nature can be better than synthetic fibers.

When you ski with Eisbär you can also "Strive for a natural experience" by standing for the pursuit of pure pleasure and an untroubled experience in nature. STRIVE stands for a positive attitude to life, love of nature and sport.