We Norwegians Wool Ski Sweaters

Luxury Scandinavian Sweaters Made with Quality Materials 

We Norwegians Men's Wool Ski Sweater

Based in Voss, Norway the heart of this Scandinavian country encompassing mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords We Norwegians is an apparel company, dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution, of premium wool products for the active person who wants style and comfort in clothing that serves a function.

History Of We Norwegians Sweaters

Starting at birth Norwegians are wrapped in soft and warm wool blankets and wool continues to play a major part of their apparel throughout their life. We Norwegians has taken natural benefits of wool and made garments that have a inherently superior technical function and crafted them with a contemporary design. The designs are a mix of modern basics and traditional, Norwegian knitting patterns that makes them stand apart from most everything else you will see in this emerging ski sweater industry.

Tove Grane founded We Norwegians in October 2014 with only two employees with a contemporary take on wool, and from then on the wool has kept spinning. Emerging from the Nordic climate and nature where outdoor life is part of the culture, and like that nature the materials that surround us are reflected in our craftsmanship. The Scandinavian style is recognized as clean and functional. Design elements should not overshadow the quality of the product but enhance them. All garments from We Norwegians meet a need are are crafted to be useful and stand the test of time. The design concept ties together the past and the present; A combination of contemporary ideas and Norwegians heritage.

The inspiration for We Norwegians wool ski sweaters combines a modern take on functional casual wear with taking a step back in time to retro designs from a time when designers were taking risks and to this very day these designs continue to be characteristic for the Scandinavian look and feel.

The history of skiing and the Nordic way of life has created a distinct feeling that has resulted ia a collection that features a mix of the graphic, minimalistic patterns and the vivid colors that were vastly popular in this period.

The Finest Wool

Wool functions as a temperature regulator, protecting the body in both cold and warm conditions. To some degree, wool is considered water repellent. Wool can easily absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp or clammy. It wicks moisture away from the body, keeping you warm without feeling wet. Light rain, snow, and small spills will stay on the surface or run off the fabric. The We Norwegians Men's Ski Hoodie is one of our favorite wool ski sweaters that thanks to these properties performs as good as it looks.

The Merino wool used by We Norwegians is an economically influential breed of sheep prized for its wool.  Merinos are regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep, finely crimped and soft. Merino needs to be shorn at least once a year because their wool does not stop growing. Merino wool qualities that are less than 21.5 micron will feel comfortable and soft on your skin, and they will not feel itchy. We Norwegians use yarns with 17.5 – 21.5 micron.

Wool provides some warmth, without overheating the wearer as well as wicking moisture away from the skin making it an ideal mid layer for skiing. Wool garments do not soil or wrinkle easily making them ideal for a week long ski trip when you will not be home to wash them. Also slightly moisture repellent  letting the wearer avoid the feeling of wetness. Like cotton, wool absorbs water (up to 1/3 its weight), but, unlike cotton, wool retains warmth when wet, thus helping wearers avoid hypothermia after hard ski runs and then sitting on a chairlift. Like most wools, merino contains lanolin, which has antibacterial properties.