Newland Ski Sweaters For Men

High Quality Designer Sweaters for the Winter


Newland Heracles Ski Sweater For Men
Newland is a sport and lifestyle brand that takes pride in every aspect of their products, from where and how they are made, what materials are used and how they are created, as well as the immediately apparent factors of giving its customers a design they are excited and proud to wear in a ski sweater the feels as good on their skin as it looks on them.


Since its birth Newland ski sweaters have been constantly researching innovative concepts, materials and methods to push its own boundaries. In the process they have consistently renewed the meaning of fashionable sportswear with their interpretation of on trend products that are warm and emotional, not something you get from many performance wear companies. This warmth that is expressed both in the comfort one feels when wearing a Newland mid layer to the aesthetic it provides is apparent to everyone as well as to the wearer.

Clean and contemporary lines are exalted by innovative and outstanding patterns, unmistakable signs of Italian creativity, and guarantee the uniqueness of each of our customers. Comfort and wellness are also key elements in the Newland philosophy. Starting with the choice of high tech fabrics and the style of the Italian tailoring that its sporty luxury style originates, and carrying on to thew dedicated, demanding and passionate clientele devoted to their brand of extreme sportswear, you will find the lover of wellness. The Heracles men’s wool ski sweater is a perfect example of what a modern mid-layer can be, handsome, durable and warm and something you can wear on the mountain or out to dinner.

Newland Explorer Ski Sweater For Men

With a contemporary style that is sporty and elegant at the same time these designer ski sweaters are a luxury to wear, starting with the selection of exclusive fabrics and built on a sophisticated design and a tailored construction you get a quality designer piece of ski wear you will wear for years. Newland’s style reveals itself in an essential and sophisticated design that is original and attractive in graphic choices, a true manifestation of the brand’s soul and personality. One look at the Explorer ski sweater for men and the individuality of this Italian brand is undeniable.

All Newland products are made exclusively in Italy where they can control all the details and that elevate this brand to the level of craftsmanship and innovation that has created their universal appeal. Their handicrafts use sartorial constructions with invisible seams to ensure a product of extreme quality and comfort. Living up to their own strict ethical code ensures that every aspect of the creation of a Newland ski sweater can be respected. From the treatment of the animals whose wool is used, to the environment its employees work in to the cleanliness of the factories that produce their products, every step in the process is constantly scrutinized to assure that every step an action to be environmentally conscious and stewards of global citizenship are taken.

Starting with an extremely focused and innovation minded research and development lab, Newland from Italy has created a line of unique and technological fabrics. The feature is the DHtech range that uses the best polypropylene microfiber and creates a fabric that has performance functionality and technical characteristics that will keep you warm and dry in the most comfortable sweater you will wear. The DHtech fabrics don’t bind chemically with other substances and so they are particularly resistant to dirt that doesn’t enter capillary in the fibers. The colors are lasting and bright. They also have a huge resistance to grazes, pilling and break up.

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