Douchebags Limited Edition Collection Travel Bags from Jay Alvarrez

Update: Now known as DB Journey. See the latest.

Douchebags and Jay Alvarrez Collaborate to Create Special Edition Adventure Travel Bags

Douchebags continues to hold its dominance in the travel bag industry by consistently improving their products, but also by partnering with fashion minded lifestyle travelers like the social media legend Jay Alvarez. Jay has been traveling the globe with Douchebags travel gear from the beginning, since Douchebags first limited PU leather edition. Also born from action sports and travel the collaboration was destined to be a perfect match. "The brand's clean style and living-life-to-the-fullest attitude is very similar to my own," he says. “I loved the leather edition and that was where we started out when doing this new design.”

Jay’s career came with the rise of Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube, by making a name for himself documenting his extreme sports in exotic locations, he quickly become a branded social media thrill seeker. “I am definitely addicted to doing things that make my heart race and palms sweat,” says Alvarrez. Racking up millions of followers and even more views on YouTube and across social media it was clear Jay knew his audience and that many were eager to see what he would do next.

The new Douchebags Jay Alvarrez special edition collection was created for adventure seekers who keep pushing their boundaries while pursuing their dreams around the globe. These sexy, tough and fully functional bags are created for all of you who like to travel a lot, but always in style. Seasoned globe trotters know that well thought out travel bags make packing and keeping track of essentials easy, something you grow to appreciate as you tromp through strange airports in strange locals and catch all night busses and ferries to get to those off the beaten path locations. Bringing back the dearly loved PU Leather line but combined with the durable pressed EVA front you get a tough bag while the white contrasting details gives the bags a fresh and crisp new look that will set you apart.

Explore the collection below and get to know Jay and learn how the new edition came to life.

Starting with the big gun, the Douchebags Big Bastard 90L Jay Alvarrez X Ltd Edition is a workhorse of a roller bag for the long haul traveler who needs to keep a bit of everything with them for every occasion. Even if you are heading directly from kiteboarding in Greece to rock climbing in China the Big Bastard can carry everything you need. The ABS protection ribs will help protect your valuables from unruly luggage handlers and when being stacked on top of a bus with who knows what. The large zip provides easy access to the Big Bastard in one single motion giving you quick access to everything in your bag with ease. Keep everything organized with mesh pockets on the inside of the bag with an outside top pocket for those things that just can’t be lost. Large wheels assure the bag rolls easily over all kinds of terrain smooth and stable while the two-stage retractable handle lets you handle this monster with ease. The hook-up system lets you easily secure other Douchebags for easy and light travel.

The Douchebags Hugger 30 is our most popular selling bag in the Aspen ski shop, the perfect size for shorter trips or to compliment the Big Bastard when on extended vacations. The versatility of this bag is what so many people are telling us they love about it, you get a bag that is so many things, a durable boot bag, a burly duffle and a smart backpack, no other travel bag gives you so much. This IATA approved carry-on loyally follows you anywhere you want to go.

The Db design team took inspiration from Jay’s lifestyle, tattoos and his ideas from the Simulation Theory and applied them to the details of this perfect computer bag. The Douchbag Scholar removed any excessive frills to create a sexy and sleek travel companion with three separated internal compartments, a main one and two smaller ones to protect your valuable electronics, ideal for the mobile pro photographer who wants to publish great images from anywhere. One extremely valuable feature DB did add to the bag is outer adjustable buckle straps that let you carry a yoga mat or skateboard with ease.

These are just a few of the bags available in the Jay Alvarrez collection, check out the web site for our complete collection of these and other DoucheBags.