Elevenate Ski Wear

Elevenate ski wear is the latest addition to our collection of performance-driven designer ski wear at Miller Sport Ski Shop in Aspen, Colorado. This Scandinavian brand offers a fresh set of colors and complements our offerings from other renowned European ski brands, such as Toni Sailer, Mammut, Bogner Fire + Ice, and more.

Elevenate Ski Wear: The Choice of Professional Mountain Guides and Skiers

If you were to describe Elevenate in a few words, it would be modern, lightweight, and multifunctional. Their clothing can often span multiple activities and conditions, where one ski jacket can serve you all winter long. Elevenate is instantly recognizable by its athletic fit, original yet muted color schemes, and distinct Nordic design.

One thing that sets Elevenate apart from other brands is their choice of brand ambassadors. These teams are a crucial link between the mountains we play in and the design of the apparel we wear. While many brands go after big-name ski racers and free skiers to raise their profile, Elevenate's ambassador team is primarily made up of working mountain professionals whose lives depend on the quality and performance of their gear.

Johan Tollstadius, an IFMGA/UIAGM Certified Mountain Guide, says he wears Elevenate almost every day of the year since their debut in 2010. Whether he is playing on his own or working as a professional guide, he counts on the functionality, fit, and style of Elevenate's clothing. With the number of days he spends in the mountains, he also counts on the durability and craftsmanship of the gear. Putting this gear to the test in Chamonix is as real as it gets, and if it can handle Mount Blanc, it can handle anything.

Vic Jameson works on Verbier, one of the top destinations in Europe for expert skiing, and has gone on ski expeditions around the world for years. In the summer, she climbs extensively all over France, the motherload of limestone climbing. With long workdays, normally 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, and carrying heavy packs loaded with everything from lunch to dynamite, Vic counts on her ski wear to keep her comfortable so she can focus on the job at hand. She simply would not be able to perform if her gear did not.

Tobias Granath is an IFMGA/UIAGM Certified Mountain Guide in the French Alps, the birthplace of both extreme skiing and modern alpinism. With his clients, he is constantly in the mountains, where he needs gear that can withstand whatever they throw at him. As some of you know, Mount Blanc is the deadliest mountain in the world. Gear that can handle massive climbs and epic glacier descents and still look fresh that evening in the hut. That kind of demand is exactly what Elevenate ski wear is designed for. This stuff is tailor-made for a mountain guide and will be perfect for your next adventure on or off-piste