JETSET – A True Ski Fashion Brand Recognized Around the World

Jet Set Ski Wear Offers the Finest in Designer Winter Fashion

Born in the heart of the Swiss Alps in the legendary ski town of St. Moritz, and in 1969, a time when the world was reclaiming its identity with its own sex appeal, JETSET broke onto the scene with a passion for progressive and provocative designs. From its inception, this brand has dedicated itself to setting new standards in creating luxury skiwear.

One of the defining principles of the JETSET style was skiwear that transitions effortlessly from the ski resort to the streets. By drawing inspiration not just from the mountains but from the clubs and city JETSET quickly became the brand for those wanting to stand out on and off the slopes. Forward thinkers were immediately drawn to this consciousness of style that is as liberating as the sport of skiing itself.

Unwilling to sacrifice style for performance, JETSET has dedicated themselves to using advanced materials in ways that no other ski brand was doing with an innovative approach to colors, embroidery and prints. Combined with the care of superior craftsmanship, JETSET created what few others have: a fashion-forward brand with the performance requirements to stand up to the toughest weather the mountains can deliver.

So what defines this legendary style? JETSET has prided itself in being adventurous and open-minded, their styles are confident and independent. This is reflected in tighter fits and a subtle sexiness not often found in ski apparel.

For women, you can see this in the cut of the Tiby Uni Pant. Every bit as flattering as your favorite pair of jeans but combined with all the features you need to keep you dry on the slopes and the materials to keep you warm on the coldest days. The Tiby Pant takes this fit one step further with a collection of patterns and embroidery that will set you apart on the slopes and at Apres-ski!

The Clara Vest has the appeal of a Hollywood movie star while the Jenny Twin Jacket redefines the ski jacket without losing its timeless appeal.  What JETSET has done with its Combi Ski Suit allows women to bring their sexuality to the slopes without sacrificing comfort.

Not to be contained, the Paola Jacket can be worn confidently to any occasion. This stunning mix of faux fur and satin nylon has the presence to adorn a runway in Milan while remaining versatile enough to be worn daily around your favorite ski town.