Hestra Ski Gloves

Top Quality Professional Winter Gear

A family business in its third generation, Hestra was founded in 1936 and is still headquartered in the town of Hestra, Sweden. They buy all their own materials and leather personally; make the gloves in their own factory and have models handmade by some of the best glove makers in Europe.

Hestra has developed several thousand models of gloves. Allowing them to find the right balance of qualities to create gloves that perform in a variety of sport. They make glove for everyone from artists to fighter pilots, downhill skiers to kayakers. The needs of children, men and women are all different, and they make gloves specifically for the needs of each.

Gloves made so well they are the choice of the Norwegian and Swedish ski team and work with some of the best cross country skiers, free riders and adventurers in the world.

Alpine, downhill, bike, kayak and more Hestra makes a glove for your sport.