How to Ski Buttermilk Mountain

The Buttermilk Mountain Ski Slopes Guide

New school central and a beginners paradise! Aspen Ski Company put the smallest of it's four ski areas to great use, most of the terrain on the main part of the mountain is consistently moderate allowing for a great place to learn, while the Tiehack side is just a touch steeper, making for great moderate and easier expert terrain. The way this mountain unfolds there may be no better place to progress through the difficulties of skiing. Combined with a world class ski school, this is the place to learn.

But then they thew in what has now become possible the world's most famous terrain park thanks to the X games, running over 15 years straight at the same local, and one of the most meticulously maintained super pipes to be found anywhere in the world. Making Buttermilk new school ground zero, and the place to be if you like to spend as much time in the air as you do on your skis.

The Tiehack side of the mountain has become "ground zero" for another aspect of skiing, "Uphilling". If you want to get some vert in while you are here, the access of Tiehack is where you want to go. Click here to learn more about uphilling in Aspen.

Buttermilk has also gone to great lengths to make sure kids have a blast on this super friendly ski hill. There is a magic carpet at the base area where kids can get their ski legs on before heading up the chair lift onto the big hill.  A ski school dedicated completely to children, this means not only are they adept at teaching kids, but that the parents get to free ski all day. There are trails cut into the trees with wood cutouts of children's favorite characters from childhood lore, and the not to be missed Fort Frog. You will be jealous you never had it so good as a kid, but that is the point you want to spoil them a little.

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So if you are new to skiing you will be extremely happy to get your technique dialed at Buttermilk, then you can head off to Snowmass and work your way up to Aspen and Aspen and Aspen Highlands before the end of your trip.

Freestyle skiers will have more kickers to practice their Rodeo Flips and 1020's on than they know what to do with. Between the 4 mountains of Aspen/Snowmass wth Buttermilk filling in a unique niche, the "Power of Four" really does have it all.