Mountain Force Ski Wear

Built for Functionality, Style, and Comfort on the Slopes

Mountain Force is a ski apparel company that is clear about who they are what they deliver to their customers. They want to make perfect ski clothing, this means a synchronicity of tailoring, technology and craftsmanship. Additionally, they work directly with their manufacturers constantly enhancing both the materials they use and they methods used to create the final product. Born in Switzerland in 2006 Mountain Force is a newer brand that has a mission that adheres to values of comfort and craft above all else.

Technology in fabrics and insulation are becoming more comparable across ski wear brands, but how they are applied, how the products are made and the tailoring of them can still be drastically different from one manufacturer to another and these are the things that set apart how they feel, how they perform and how long they last. One of the results of this is their unique 12-Way stretch fabric with a ceramic membrane that is extremely stretchable while at the same time maintaining a pleasant body climate in all types of conditions.

At Mountain Force the design process and initial prototypes are all crafted by hand. There are up to 350 individual pieces in a single Mountain Force Ski Jacket and it can take up to 1,500 steps to fully assemble a jacket, taking up to 12 hours to complete a design. Only once the garment is tailored to perfection is it then digitized to create a prototype pattern for production.


Something that Mountain Force has done to further this perfect fit that we have not seen made so readily available from other ski wear brands is providing their own alteration services with studios in the U.S.A, Austria and Switzerland. They want to make sure that your new ski pants or jacket fit perfectly, if you need the sleeves lengthened or the legs shortened you can have this done by craftsmen who have intimate familiarity with the clothing. With Mountain Force ski wear getting the perfect fit is clearly a high priority.

While the clothing is made with the best materials and the highest quality methods possible, they do understand that it is worn by extremely active people and occasionally a zipper breaks, a seam tears or your ski edge slices your pant leg. With the availability of these alteration studios Mountain Force will work with you to find the best solution to give your ski wear the longest life possible.

To be competitive in the fashion industry manufacturing overseas is a necessity. At times in the past complete responsibility has not always been taken by the parties involved. Mountain Force  has made it a priority to achieve the highest possible performance category in what is known as the Fair Wear Foundation standards for conditions in the garment industry. Their manufacturer KTC is also on board and together they have achieved the status of “Leader” in the industry. KTC and Mountain Force ski wear have a reputation for unbeatable quality and adherence to standards industry wide. The FWF Brand Performance Check independently assesses labor conditions throughout the supply chain to assure best practices for all employees and methods.

If you are looking for ski wear that is built on quality craftsmanship and creativity with a desire to be the best and the lightest technical apparel available Mountain Force will not let you down.