Postcard Ski Wear for Women

Postcard for Women's Designer Ski Wear

At Miller Sports online and Aspen ski shops we pride ourselves in offering our customers not only the best ski wear from around the globe but also a wide variety of choices so you can find the look that fits your personality and know that it will perform. A new line for us this 2019 ski season is Postcard ski wear from Milan, Italy.

Postcard has created a niche in the ski fashion world by pulling inspiration from vintage designs across many genres, from the sports world, to disco to the fashion runway and combined them into modern ski wear that utilizes performance materials to create their distinctive look.

Elegant designs that rely on a combination of textures and simple but striking color combinations to create a lasting look. Postcard ski wear also utilizes the cut of the jacket or pant to accentuate the wearer, so much so that the body is as much part of the fashion statement as the outerwear, true harmony of design.

Postcard also uses creative use of fur, from fur lined hoods to fur trim that lines the collar, zipper front, and hem. They also love to combine textures, one on the body and one for the arms to give a jacket contrast. The logo application is usually done within a subtle embossed way that does not distract from the jacket but adds a subtle textural value.

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If you are looking for a designer down ski jacket that makes a statement the Postcard Batura MB has an extraordinarily fashion forward design in a down ski coat that keeps you warm without losing your femininity in the jacket. A look that is hard to achieve in a down coat, Postcard does this with a flattering silhouette cut and smartly designed baffles. The shell material is one of our favorite stand outs in the shop, and women are immediately drawn to it when they come into the ski shop. Complete with a powder skirt, two way zipper and pass pocket, this is a real ski jacket that will keep you warm and dry, but set you apart from the crowd.

The Batura AF down ski coat takes a different approach to the same cut and functional Batura MB, but instead of the shiny metallic material the AT has a softer fabric with two retro color styles to choose from. One a two tone red with a white accent for the skier who wants that pop of color, and the other a two tone brown also with that pop of white for the more subdued color pattern.

This is our first year carrying Postcard ski wear but already from the reaction online and in the ski shop this is going to be a bigger part of our collection next year.