Elevenate Women's Size Chart

Elevenate Women's Ski Wear Size Conversion

US 4 6 8 10 12
EU 34 36 38 40 42
FR 36 38 40 42 44
IT 40 42 44 46 48

Jacket Fit

An Elevenate women's ski jacket, originating from Sweden, showcases a unique fit compared to its American counterpart. Swedish design often prioritizes a sleek, tailored silhouette that complements the body's natural contours, offering a more form-fitting and European aesthetic. This design focuses on streamlined lines and ergonomic tailoring, providing a balance between style and functionality. In contrast, women's ski jackets made in the United States typically offer a more relaxed and roomy fit, catering to a broader range of body shapes and accommodating layering. The American approach emphasizes versatility and comfort, making it suitable for various winter activities and climates. Ultimately, you may size slightly differently depending on where you fall in the size range of a typical U.S. made ski jacket, the choice depends on individual preferences and intended usage

Pant Fit

Elevenate women's ski pants feature a distinctly European fit, offering a slimmer, more tailored silhouette, accentuating the body's lines and providing a sleek appearance. Swedish design often prioritizes a snug yet ergonomic fit that maximizes mobility while maintaining a fashionable look. In contrast, women's ski pants made in the United States typically lean towards a roomier fit, catering to various body shapes and layering needs.


Scandinavian Elegance: Elevenate women's ski apparel features a distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic characterized by sleek, minimalist designs that combine fashion and function.

Tailored Fit: These garments prioritize a trim, ergonomic fit, catering to a European style sensibility that complements the female form while ensuring optimal mobility.

Premium Materials: The brand utilizes high-quality materials for durability, warmth, and protection in challenging weather conditions.

Technical Excellence: Elevenate integrates innovative technologies like advanced insulation and waterproofing, enhancing overall performance on the slopes.

Swedish Heritage: Rooted in Sweden's winter sports culture, Elevenate's women's ski apparel reflects a deep understanding of cold climates, ensuring gear is tailored for the demands of winter enthusiasts.