Squire 11 Binding
Squire 11 Binding
Squire 11 Binding


Squire 11 Binding

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The Marker Squire 11 I.D. Ski Bindings are for the skier who wants a light-weight, versatile binding that offers powerful energy transmission. The bindings come with Marker’s AFD (anti-friction device) technology, which provides a highly precise release almost entirely unhindered by dirt, snow, and ice. The AFD can also be adjusted with the turn of a screw! This makes adjusting your toe height quick, easy and safe. In addition, its hollow linkage heel was redesigned to optimize alpine and touring sole retention. Another feature is the snub-nose toe piece, which lightens the load and provides more room for the ski to do its job. The aluminum hollow axle is lightweight and maximizes the torsional stiffness. The strong heel construction found in the Squire I.D. is suited for the most strenuous of requirements.

The Squire I.D. is the perfect binding for female skiers or light-weight male skiers. Step into the Marker Squire this season. Available in 90mm, 100mm and 110mm.

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Turn and burn

Kästle MX88



I've been shopping at Miller Sports for the past 5 years, every vacation we make it our first stop and always leave happy!

Joe Paradiso
Beverly, Ma

Miller Sports has the best selection in the high-end ski game. We have our favorite brands that we always buy, but every year they have something new and different, and always the best quality.

Jane Metcalf
Los Angeles, CA

The Team at Miller Sports is truly the best. We are treated like family every visit, the customer service is exceptional. We love Ted and Bill!

Lisa Edwards
Knoxville, Tn

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